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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fox sign

I saw a fox twice today. So I decided to look up what it means in the Ted Andrews Animal-Speak book. Fox - Feminine Magic of camouflage, shapshifting and invisibility. The camouflage technique it has helps to capture any prize. As you develop attunement to the fox and learn it's magic, any prize can fall to you.

I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose. ~ Woody Allen


Liz said...

Hi! Sasa,
It's Nathan. I LOVE foxes! and I also like your Van Gogh picture. I am writing a book right now about Aliens, Moo Moo's (blob's with two eyes) and two kids named George and Elizabeth.
Later allygator!

Sasa said...

Awesome Nate!! That is so cool that you love foxes and you are writing a book! It sounds wonderful! You Rock!

Mandala Michelle said...

Hey Sasa,

I've been seeing a lot of big birds lately and i think they are falcons (we have a lot in the area). Would you look that up for me?

Sasa said...

Hey Michelle, Falcon means - Sacred Gift and Knightly code. Also Slow and steady brings fastest progess. The Falcon teaches how to conserve and steady our movements for the fastest progress. When the Falcon appears, there is a sacred gift about to come into our life. Our efforts and code of behavior will be rewarded. Though our progress may have been slow, it is aobut to accelerate. :-)

Mandala Michelle said...

That is perfect! I did the colorscope on Elizabeth Harper's site and it was almost word for word what you wrote. Thanks!!!

Sasa said...



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