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Friday, January 29, 2010

Afghan Hound Love

I used to hate the winter because I couldn't do all the fun stuff you get to do in the warmer weather. But I finally realized what the winter is for: to hibernate: to lay around all day : to watch old movies : to paint a picture: to hang out with your pets and cuddle on the couch : to catch up on your reading. Now I love the winter because of all those things I would feel guilty about doing in the warmer weather. It's a great balance and I finally found it in accepting the cold weather. I finished a painting yesterday and it's a painting that makes me smile. I call it "Afghan Hound Love." I remember a very cool Afghan Hound that lived on my street when I was growing up and it was so beautiful. It is one of my favorite dogs to paint next to the pug which is probably the opposite of an Afghan Hound. I love dogs and plan on painting as many as I can this winter. Peace, Love, Dogs!



U know Sasa, U get better and better! This is absolutely awesome! Bet U could illustrate one hellava children's book about dogs with personality!

Sasa said...

Thanks Ellen, your so sweet!! That's a great idea! I will think of a story line today. Thanks again and see you soon!


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