Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it. Buddha

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Things I need to hear...

Thank you Deepak Chopra for your words of wisdom. I love the synchronicity of events to get answers. This morning I felt weighed down by the past and said how do I release it and went to twitter and Deepak Chopra tweeted this ~
Keys to freedom & joy : Stop projecting, detach, let go, forgive .

It was exactly what I need to hear. I did just what he said and I feel so much better. Thank you, you Rock!!
Everyday I beat my own previous record for number of consecutive days I've stayed alive. ~ Unkown


Liz said...

Love, love, love, love, love Love, LOve, LOVe, LOVE IT!!!

Kelly Lish said...

Thanks for the great comment on my blog-I'm so happy to now be following your blog-You are so cool! I LOVE what you are doing with the rocks and spreading peace that way-its wonderful!
Peace and love to you my new friend

Sasa said...

Thanks Kelly!! I love your blog and art!! You Rock!! ☮ ♥

Promisesnprayers said...

Hi Salsa,
I loved those words. There are no co-incidents in life, nothing is a random event, all has meaning. To release our thoughts to the Universe always brings us what we need and the precise moment we need. For example, I needed to read those words too :-)



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