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Friday, July 11, 2008

Bugsy the Bunny

Did you ever hear about a rabbit who was litter box trained like a cat. Well, my rabbit Bugsy was the coolest rabbit ever. He was super smart and very good about using the litter box. He would eat any people food and especially loved pizza. I was so used to him jumping on the couch and demanding a piece of whatever we were eating that I forgot to warn my friend. Even now, the image of Busgy trying to grab a piece of crust out of her mouth makes me giggle with glee. She screamed and I yelled "Just give him a piece and he will leave you alone." Never make a rabbit mad is my motto.

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Liz Fecteau said...

I miss Bugsy! I remember his heavy breathing in my ear as he woke me up with a nibble of my hair. I think he attacked my leg just for the fun of it. He liked to make girls scream. :) Just kidding! He was a sweetie and I still think of you as a bunny owner....


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