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Monday, March 15, 2010

Kindness Matters

When I drive, I like to waive cars to go in front of me if I have the opportunity. It just feels right to me to be kind. People do it all the time for me and I am really grateful and I smile and waive back. Since it feels so good to be kind, why doesn't everyone do it. Is everyone in a hurry? If you have the opportunity to be kind, just do it. It's that simple and think of the awesome buzz you will feel from helping a fellow human being. Because Nice Matters. ☮ ♥


my tiny studio said...

that is cool, I try to be as kind as possible. I always treat people as I want to be treated :)


Sasa said...

You are very wise and kind, you Rock! ☮

Liz said...

Just think how peaceful this world would be if everyone was as kind as you!


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