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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Positive Agenda

I love good things and am grateful for the positive things in my life. Two things I am extremely grateful for are The Public Library and the blog Positive Agenda.

I recently started renting movies at my public library and am astonished by the fact that it is FREE. I have been paying $5 per movie at Blockbuster for years and never made the connection that I could get the same movies for free. Thanks for the heads up from my sister Liz and my friend Ulana, I finally gave it a try. Yesterday I rented Coraline and Sweeney Todd and didn't have to pay a dime and drove home smiling to myself that I have 2 free movies. Why did it take me sooooo long to discover the Public Library is beyond me. But better late than never.
Then there is the wonderful positive blog called Positive Agenda. I love her blog, it is so full of love, light and sage like words of Wisdom. It makes my day reading her wonderful posts. Thank you Positive Agenda you really rock!! Her positive website is ☛ Positive Agenda's blog ☚

Life is good! ☮ + ♥ to all.


Diane Duda said...

I just received my package!!!
You really didn't have to do that...but I'm glad you did.
I love my rocks and will start spreading the peace right away.
The cards are beautiful too.
Thanks so much!

Sasa said...

Awesome, I'm glad you like them and thanks for spreading the Peace. You Rock!! ☮ ♥


Thank you Alison for your nice compliments! Know that I love both your blogs too because you are a wonderful, positive, happy, peace loving soul! Thank you for always commenting on my thoughts! I love the sunflower pic, it looks like the one you gave me!


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